More History

Our story started in 1996, when we fell in love with light. The family run company which we have started to develop products for efficient lighting, expanded in time creating the trade names, HEPER and MOONLIGHT, which in time became leaders in lighting field. Thanks to their design, material quality and manufacturing technology, our products are now adding more value to the modern cities of the world. We are beautifying the buildings, squares, streets, recreational areas, sports and airports, which at the end makes them vivid & full of life. 


More Performance

The world is rapidly changing. We have been producing products which are up-to-date and ready for long lasting operation with the generous helping hand of Bartenbach since many years. Today we are proud of HEPER light laboratory which will carry us to test and apply the latest world standards. 


More Innovation

We ask ourselves the question ‘How should be the lighting of the modern era?” every day. Respect towards the individual, the society and nature is an inseparable part of our job. Accordingly, we implement the meticulousness in our design, manufacturing and management approaches in each and every one of our processes; because we are designing the future. 

Light and Charge is a significant step for our future. BMW and Heper’s engineers developed an extraordinary lighting fixture by working together. The new generation of electric cars will be able to be charged by charge sockets as these lighting fixtures are illuminating the streets. 


More Quality

Design and technology are the main materials we use in order to achieve higher performance. Thanks to the standart durability tests we perform, we produce long-lasting products resistant to external environmental conditions, physical impacts and chemical factors. 


More Solutions

Thanks to the flexible nature of Heper, we are able to react quickly and create boutique solutions to add value to the architectural details. 

We believe that every single Heper product is an engineering marvel with their high technical capacity and efficiency. The brand Heper comprises road, tunnel, landscape and facade lighting products with minimalistic and futuristic designs. 

Moonlight is easily distinguished with its tailor made look in harmony with the architecture. Our decorative Moonlight brand consists of external lighting products. 

Alcopole represents the emphasis we put on the world and the environment with its recyclability. Our green brand Alcopole consists of aluminum lighting poles. 


More Control

In our age, lighting is a systematic solution. It is an important part of our work to control our products accordingly to the needs of the project by making use of lighting control systems which are improving. The products under the brand of HEPER have already been working in a harmony with all modern control systems. Besides, we can find customized solutions and present them which are consistent with different control systems based on the project thanks to our professional engineer staff. 


More Technology

Our products that are manufactured and created meticulously by our designers are produced using high-tech, high-quality components. Every single feature that our products have, is the product of our perennial research and development efforts. All this is to design and bring the next-generation technologies into our lives. 

MILESTONE® - Perfect glare control

MILESTONE® has a patented unique complex surface reflector technology designed to be used for/in different types of road classification like ME1, ME2, ME3 and ME4 by increasing the number of modules used on fixtures. Modular system also meets specific needs such as street lighting, highway applications and tunnel lighting.

The reflector used inside MILESTONE® has special coating for higher reflectivity and for longer life time with maximum performance. The module has two kinds of special coating: standard aluminum and optional silver. Silver coating has superior feature in terms of high reflectivity, durability and mechanical resistance.

The placement of modules in different numbers and positions provides symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. MILESTONE® has a perfect glare control system by using light indirectly with multifaceted reflector. 

DYNO - Perfect linear form

DYNO LED module; has unique lighting distribution thanks to its complex multi-facetted reflector design including longitudinal glare control (optimized cut-off), excellent uniformity with highest consistency of constant illuminance within defined field.

The lighting distribution of the module is very smooth and in linear form without spot effect. Forward through distribution allows throwing the light 1x distance in horizontal position and 6 x distances in vertical position.

The light beam is precisely calculated and defined. In order to obtain dynamic white lighting, two different color temperatures from the same light source should be used. Moreover, DYNO is more suitable for UV sensitive environments like historical places, monuments, paintings since it does not emit any UV beams. 

HYBRID - Perfect beam control

HYBRID is a specially designed optical system which combines the reflector with an additional lens which provides several advantages compared to the classical approach.

With HYBRID, you can have absolute control over light beam (narrow, medium or wide beam light distribution) perfect glare control and high efficiency, all combined in one system.

Narrow, medium or wide beam light distribution, increased efficiency by controlling all the light beam, minimized luminance in cut-off area and toolless optic mounting without bonding are just some of the superior features of the Heper’s HYBRID system.

HYBRID products have optional radiation characteristic through combination of different ancillary lenses. The system is applicable for accented lighting, secondary luminaires, artificial sun, facade illumination and ambient lighting. 

FLEXO (F) - Perfect flexibility

We always use latest technology in order to keep up with the new developments. With our FLEXO (F) products it’s just a matter of an additional lens in order to change the beam angle or Color Temperature (CCT) of the luminaire.

In addition to that, to be able to give the end user a better experience with light, you can choose to use a Honeycomb accessory. No more glare. 

More Experience

Providing lighting for the most prestigeous buildings of the world was an ambitious objective for us. We haven’t just succeeded in meeting these objectives; we’ve also created lighting systems that add value to unique buildings. We’ve succeeded to keep the high quality standards of Heper throughout changing countries, climates and architectures. 


More Network

Heper is in every corner of the world with its everlasting quality, unique designs and innovative solutions.

Exporting to 80+ countries in; Europe, Balkans, North Africa, America, Middle East, Russia, Australia, New Zeland. 



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